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By mattpc

Schools photography for Altrincham College of Arts, Trafford, Greater Manchester.

On 09, Sep 2015 | No Comments | In Blog | By mattpc

Another commission for schools photography at Altrincham College of Arts. Altrincham College of Arts is keen to invest in high quality photographic imagery to illustrate it’s vibrant, structured and successful learning environment. I’ve worked at the school for many years providing promotional photography for the school’s annual prospectus together with the annual pupil portraiture.I’m always impressed by the dynamic and positive learning environment the school provides. Very few of these pictures are staged. We simply capture what’s there. The school serves a large and diverse catchment area. It currently has an “Outstanding” Ofsted rating. The report mentioned:

“Inspirational leadership, exceptional care and consistently high quality teaching enable all groups of students to flourish. Achievement is outstanding; students make excellent progress”.

The school prides itself on providing students with a curriculum which is broad, balanced and relevant to each of their learners. The curriculum on offer is in line with the National Curriculum, however it is flexible enough to allow individuals to follow their own bespoke programmes of study so that they can achieve the best possible outcome when they leave. The school have also ensured that an array of extra-curricular activities are on offer to enrich and supplement the main curriculum.

You can also view a film I made a the College here.


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