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By mattpc

Building Topping Out Ceremony for Sir Robert McAlpine at Riverside, Salford

On 12, Mar 2019 | No Comments | In Blog | By mattpc

Building Topping Out Ceremony for Sir Robert McAlpine at Riverside, Salford.

Last week I was down at Riverside, in Salford, next to the Lowry Hotel for a Topping Out Ceremony for Sir Robert McAlpine. The construction company currently have some 80 projects on the go and Riverside is one of them. A 17 storey tower, that when completed will offer nearly 200 apartments for the rental market in Manchester. 

Topping Out Ceremonies are traditionally held when the last beam, brick or block, or similar is placed on top of a structure during its construction. The practice can be traced back to the ancient Scandinavian religious rite of placing a tree atop a new building to appease the tree-dwelling spirits displaced by its construction. A bough or leafy branch is placed on the topmost wood or iron beam. A toast, most commonly a noggin of ale is drunk and at McAlpines all workers are treated to a meal. Because of their Scottish heritage McAlpine always have a traditional piper at the ceremony, and to add a little bit more occasion a toast master is employed to oversee the proceedings.

Heyrod Construction are partnering with McAlpine on the build. Heyrod was founded in February 1978 by the present Chairman Mr Frank Gillespie. Originally providing a specialist formwork /steel fixing service in the field of structural reinforced concrete they have since diversified in both civil and building construction to provide a one-stop service in providing a seamless construction from sub-structures through to super-structures. 

Affinity Living, part of the Select Property Group is overseeing the marketing of the rental properties as well as their design and style. Affinity Living delivers a vibrant community to those choosing to live in city centres. and prides itself on creating environments that bring people together, making residents a part of their community, rather than on the periphery.

Despite the challenging weather we all managed the climb to the top of the tower and celebrate the occasion in style. A delicious lunch of pie and mash then followed!



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